South New Berlin NY.

What do you love about the craft of boxing?
I absolutely love footwork! I have never trained in a sport that makes me feel more alive than boxing. The juxtaposition between mental strength and focus with relaxing into the movement is the most challenging sport I have ever tried.

3 words that describe you?
Strong, Dedicated, Loving.

How do you recharge?
Sleeping is my favorite way to recharge! It always feels amazing to sleep, and wake up replenished. (I also love Ice Baths, they are invigorating if you can handle them!!)

What are you most passionate about?
Showing unconditional love and appreciation for life. Life is too short, and everyone has short-comings, trials, hardships, and successes. Treat everyone with kindness, and never judge a book by its cover. I am that book, and I promise I will prove you wrong!


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