SBX Intstructor's best health advice.

"When you're under the weather eat a red bell pepper! They’re full of Vitamin C and they're pretty tasty too." -Rad

"When my mind is stressed or overwhelmed that's when my body gets hit the hardest. I either get sick or injured. I think it's important for people to identify an activity or routine that they can turn to to let the body and mind recover. They're so connected! Stress and worry can break a body down- so in addition to eating well, exercise, and sleep- don't forget to find moments to blow off steam, whatever that may be for you!"-Maria

"When you first wake up in the morning, drink a full glass of water before anything else! I actually drink a full glass with an emergen-c instead of coffee every morning." - Jess

"You could have the best diet and workout regiment in the world and if you don't prioritize sleep, none of that matters. P.S. 5-6 hours doesn't cut it! " -Kelli

“You are exactly where you need to be.” -Gabi

"By eliminating coffee from my diet, my anxiety levels and skin dramatically calmed down. I replaced my caffeine intake with black tea and have noticed a natural energy."-Julian

"Eat well. Travel often." -Jeremiah

"Call your Parents more &  Drink more Water." -Jaws

"Don’t take yourself too seriously, be sure to laugh everyday." Annah