Featured Shadowboxer: Leeana

Meet Leeana, An avid Shadowboxer and a strong member of the growing Shadowbox community. Learn a bit about what keeps her coming back to the Jab Cross Hook...

HOMETOWN?: San Jose - I’m a Cali girl :)

WHY DID YOU START WORKING OUT AT SHADOWBOX?: My friend Jessie, founder of Freschstyle, also an SBX addict, treated me and another colleague to a class. I never looked back. We even gift classes to our clients!

WHY DO YOU KEEP WORKING OUT AT SHADOWBOX?: Mostly, I love the family vibe at SBX. My favorite instructor is Jeremiah for two reasons. He has a chill Cali vibe but more importantly, he really cares about his clients and invests in their well being - that motivates me. I even cancelled my gym membership! It’s been incredible to learn a new skill and I have finally found an activity I’m wildly passionate about. I've even lost nearly 30lbs to boot!!

FAVORITE PUNCH?: Definitely a hook to the liver! I love slipping to the back and nailing the right hook!

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU'RE NOT BOXING?: For fitness, absolutely nothing. Nothing else matters. Otherwise, I’m a personal stylist and expert closet organizer! I love to travel so I’m always on the road! In the last year I’ve been to Turkey, Amsterdam, London, Paris, LA, Miami, The Hamptons, Austin and Ibiza! With more adventures to come!

WHAT'S YOUR MOTTO?: You only have one life, live it to the max!